What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is both a vision for the future and a blueprint for how to get there. A Comprehensive Plan creates a future framework for a range of topics such as land use, economic development, infrastructure, and housing. The Comprehensive Plan will identify a vision for the future and outline a series of recommendations and steps to implement the vision.

Why have a plan?

Communities develop comprehensive plans to plan for population changes, economic growth, transportation, education, environmental protection, recreation, infrastructure, residential and commercial growth and more.

When should you update it?

The Town’s current Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2006. Since that time, the Town and the region have experienced changes in demographics, the economy, infrastructure, land use, industry and community needs. It is time to revisit the Comprehensive Plan to ensure the direction set forth in the Comprehensive Plan is reflective of today’s community conditions and sets a direction for the future reflective of the community’s vision.

Key items to consider for an update:

  • Changing demographics

  • Municipal budgets

  • Economic conditions

  • Society changes (technology)

  • Infrastructure challenges 

  • Single issue/focused plans completed

Land Use: 

  • Are patterns in balance?

  • Meet resident expectations & needs?


  • Requests for variances or zone changes?

Who is facilitating the process?

The Comprehensive Plan update is being developed by the Town of Coeymans and guided by MJ Engineering and Land Surveying.

The planning process will be a consensus-driven effort and includes public engagement to gather input about the future of Coeymans from residents, business owners, property owners, and other stakeholders in the community. Your participation in this process is vital!

Coeymans Town Board  

George D. McHugh

Daniel D. Baker 

Linda S. Bruno

Zachary S. Collins

Brandon L. LeFevre

Project Email: PlanCoeymans@gmail.com